Never miss a sale
On the go, in the store or in a taxi, you can start taking card, contactless and device payments with your own phone. A truly mobile POS for every type of business.
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Food and drink
Whether you own a coffee stall, sell freshly grown veggies at a market or operate a food truck, you can simplify payment for all your customers. You should never miss out a sale if your customer doesn’t carry cash. After all you know what they say about cash :)
Streamline your selling process and deliver a buying experience that is fast, easy, and keeps costs down.
  • simple set-up
  • reduced operating cost
  • innovative technology
  • elevated customer experience
Making that late flight, an important work meeting or a very special date. Seconds matter. Become a lifesaver with your new POS that makes checkout a snap. Taking fast payments, being mobile and keeping costs down is critical for your business and your customers.
Services and events
Set up your cash-free event zone without any extra stress. Whether you are hosting an artisan fair, a rock-band concert or a sports event our hassle and dongle free mobile POS lets you sell where the crowd is. No more lines for a can of beer to celebrate that goal.

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